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Unilever 6th of October Warehouse

Global businesses can set new standards of energy efficiency in buildings providing opportunities to cut operating costs, improve employee productivity and satisfaction, and enhance corporate reputation.

Unilever has been taking proactive steps on sustainability to gain a leadership position among their industry peers.

SOLATUBE Daylighting Systems were used in the warehouse and manufacturing areas to provide better light for employees and to reduce utility costs.


It all started when the warehousing and shipping employees department complained that the fluorescent lighting was not providing proper color rendition.

Once installed, the natural light provided customers with better quality repairs on stocks and fewer complaints.


TAQAMISR implemented 60 units of SOLATUBE Daylighting solution to provide a combination of ambient and task illumination that met or exceeded the current interior luminance levels in selected areas of the 2400 square meters Industrial Region, 6th of October city.

Ceiling heights range from 13 to 17 meters. The Daylighting solution is estimated to reduce the annual lighting energy consumption of the facility by 604,408 KWh and the peak electrical demand by 258.3 KW.

SOLATUBE over other products is ease of installation, the cost and the amount of light output.


Unilever now has SOLATUBE Daylighting solution to provid day light for its warehouse building with ZERO cost operational expenses and 4 years payback period for its investment.