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PepsiCo Chipsy 6th October Factory

Environmental Sustainability means finding innovative ways to cut costs and minimize our impact on the environment through energy and water conservation as well as reduced use of packaging material.

PepsiCo anticipated the need to take environmental stewardship to a whole new level at the start of the new millennium, recognizing that environmental sustainability was becoming a core component of sustainable success.

  • 6th October City, Egypt
  • 2010
  • VULCAN 1500 Liter
  • solar, water, heater, large, scale, vacuum, tube


This project was the first step in exploring renewable energy solutions for thermal water heating for domestic use within Chipsy. Among Chipsy project challenges were.

The large amount of hot water required (15,000 liter) and the continuity of hot water supply for the three shifts working around the clock. Another challenge was the requirement to implement the total solution in 60 days to realize the 2011budget of the project.


TAQAMISR implemented its VULCAN solution to heat 15,000 liter of water for the daily use labors.

The project was implemented by TAQAMISR professional service department providing Raya with design, project management, installation, commissioning, testing and support service.

Project was implemented in 60 days TAQAMISR managed to meet Chipsy’s aggressive project plan. Amount of Water: 15,000 liter


Chipsy has implemented the state of the art solar heating solution providing hot water for its factory buildings with Minimal operational expenses and 5 years payback period for its investment.