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CocaCola Manufacturing Facility

"CocaCola’s responsibility is to deliver for today,growing a low carbon, zero waste business, and inspire change for a more sustainable tomorrow."

CocaCola have set rigorous targets for reducing emissions across the value chain and are determined to help secure a low-carbon future. The carbon emissions resulting from manufacturing plants are associated with the energy they use to make their products.


One of the challenges we faced was the time scale that we had to deliver the project in. We managed to finish and deliver the project in only two weeks.

We faced some challenges with the roof, as it was old and needed some reparations first the roof was a sandwich panel, so we faced some problems in edging and cutting to place the units of SOLATUBE Daylighting.

We had to edge then cut two layers the upper then the lower layer of the Sandwich panel. The technicians had to go inside the sandwich panel between the two layers in order to cut the lower layer.

After installation of SOLATUBE Daylighting units, we used fiber glass for insulation to avoid any dust and water leakage.


TAQAMISR managed to install 18 units of SOLATUBE Daylighting in Cocacola’s production line in Tanta’s factory in only two weeks, 18 units of SOLATUBE Daylighting in Qalioub also in 2 weeks and another 18 units of SOLATUBE Daylighting in Nasr City in only 1 week.

The project was implemented by TAQAMISR professional service department providing CocaCola with design, project management, installation, commissioning, testing and support service. TAQAMISR managed to meet CocaCola’s project plan


CocaCola made another step towards its target for manufacturing using renewable energy. They are now using SOLATUBE Daylighting system in Tanta’s production line with (10 years warranty with 25 years expected life span for every unit); instead of using the sodium high pay electric lamp, which consumes a lot of electricity.

TAQAMISR managed to implement and finish the project with minimal operational expenses and 3.5 years payback period for its investment.