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SOLATUBE Daylighting Systems


Daylighting is a very simple idea yet very innovative technology! Daylighting Systems use optical technologies to capture sunlight, transfer it through a reflective pipe, and deliver it indoor as natural light to replace electric lamps. Sunlight is collected by a dome placed on the rooftop (An aperture is made in the corrugated sheet or concrete rooftop where the dome is placed). The sun light captured by the dome is transferred to the interiors through a very reflective tubing. At the end of the tube, there is a specially designed lenses that evenly disperse the sunlight throughout the space to be lighted so that you can see better, accomplish more and live better.

How it work


SkyVault Series

SolaMaster Series

Features and Benefits

  • Completely turn off electric light during the day.
  • Green solution utilizing natural day light, minimizes building carbon footprint and gives you LEED points.
  • Lights up new areas in your facility (such as corners and difficult access areas) where it is difficult to install and change electric lights.
  • Superior Patented technology that provides constant Illumination Intensity throughout the day.
  • Offers predictable & consistent light levels.
  • Filters out infrared wavelengths to reduce internal temperature and accordingly reduce cooling loads and air conditioning costs compared to electric lights.
  • Short payback period on the SOLATUBE investment.
  • Easy installation.
  • Special (leak proof) roof insulation material.
  • Ability to control light levels for certain applications.
  • Using sunlight in a building, make people — whether they are working, studying, shopping or living— happier, healthier and more productive.