Central Water Heating

We offer two types of central water heating systems based on solar energy and/or natural gas products.

Solar Central Water Heating

The solar heating system provides innovative solutions based on providing hot water for homes and facilities using Ariston flat plate solar heaters that rely on renewable energy.

TAQA Misr offers Ariston solar water heater which is based on “Flat Plate” collectors.

Collection, storage, and utilization of solar energy by solar water heating by flat plate collectors is the cheapest and most effective renewable energy technologies. This solar water heater design uses a non-conventional source of energy which can be used for household applications.

In the flat plate solar water heating systems the cost of production will be comparatively low and provides high capacity, by using this method natural sources of energy can be used instead of depending on electric water heaters.

These pressurized Solar Water Heater units are suitable for installation on the rooftop.

Available solar water heater capacities range from 200 to 300 Litre.

Natural Gas Central Water Heating

TAQA Misr also provides practical solutions to its customers by using Ariston gas water heater (central gas boiler) which is the central tank boiler “SGA” to heat water using natural gas.

This gas water heater can satisfy the needs of users looking for water boilers and offers a wide product range.

Available capacities of these Ariston gas water heaters (central gas boiler) in Egypt range from 50 to 300 Litre.

Choose central water heating in order to save space, energy, and money.

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Mohamed Salah

Please I would like to send me the full details and data sheet for the different models of the ” SOLAR CENTRAL WATER HEATING ” system along with the quotation to review it before purchasing it.

Thanks in advance

Monir sami youssef
Monir sami youssef

I have a gas water heater in the kitchen a Yonkers product but it is not working what is your advice and what is your phone number to call…thanks

Yahya Zakaria

You are welcome to contact us at +201210104800.

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