TAQA MISR 2023 new agreements and expansions

TAQA MISR is pleased to announce the renewal of the exclusive partnership agreement between TAQA MISR and Planika USA to distribute the latter’s fireplaces across Egypt.

The new agreement has been signed to further assure the collaboration between the two companies and to continue the journey of serving customers of the heating market in Egypt.

TAQA MISR has been also nominated by Planika for the best marketing video award out of 150 applicants and has been named among the top 3.

The company has displayed its products in the Le Marche exhibition that has been held from the 2nd to the 5th of March 2023 at the Egypt International Exhibition Centre, 5th settlement. Amongst the distinguished products displayed were domestic water pumps by Grundfos Denmark, fireplaces by Planika USA, towel radiators by Momenta France, and gas water heaters by Ariston Italy.

The company is as well pleased to reveal the outset of displaying its products at Abd el Aziz Al-Sallab mall at Mansoura to widen its customer base and to offer various products such as domestic water pumps, electric bathroom heaters, and gas water heaters.

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