2019 Meeting – 10 Years of success with architecture firms, interior designers

The meeting, held in cooperation with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Cairo and with the presence of Alberto Borchiellinithe president, addressed numerous important topics related to the solutions that TAQA Misr provides for its clients in the field of water and central heating. This meeting was also distinguished by the presence of suppliers’ representatives from different countries around the world in Europe and the USA, which enabled the attendees to ask questions regarding the solutions and the products offered by the Company.

Designer Mona Hussein, CEO Mona Hussein Design House (MHDH)

The meeting started by showing the attendees the importance of water heating and central heating solutions and what distinguishes such solutions from other ways of heating. An objective was achieved through the presentation delivered by Mona Hussein, CEO of Mona Hussein Design House (MHDH), which highlighted the importance of these solutions and their ability to satisfy the needs of the Egyptian market.

Mr. Khaled Aref, CEO TAQA Misr

Mr. Khaled Aref, CEO TAQA Misr, gave a talk about the most significant milestones the company has achieved during the last 10 years. He also showed the attendees the solutions and the services that the company offer to the Egyptian market, and through which TAQA Misr has managed to fulfill the needs and to satisfy the aspirations of its clients and, subsequently, has gained their trust and their satisfaction, which made TAQA Misr to be the leading company in this field.

Mr. Gam Paulo, Regional Director for North Africa Ariston, and Mr. Tarek Samir, Egypt Country Manager Ariston
Mr. Giampaolo, Regional Director for North Africa Ariston, and Mr. Tarek Samir, Egypt Country Manager Ariston

Mr. Giampaolo, Regional Director for North Africa-Ariston, and Mr. Tarek Samir, Egypt Country Manager-Ariston, also gave a presentation about the nature of the products that Ariston offers to the Egyptian market in cooperation with TAQA Misr. They also highlighted the importance of such a partnership through which Ariston seeks to maintain a strong presence in the Egyptian market depending on the expertise and the capabilities of TAQA Misr. 

Mr. Belal Marzouk, International Sales Director SERA GROUP
Mr. Belal Marzouk, International Sales Directo-SIRA GROUP

Mr. Belal Marzouk, International Sales Director-SIRA GROUP, talked about the fruitful cooperation between his company and TAQA Misr in the field of central heating. He also presented the high-quality products offered by SIRA GROUP, which adhere to the environmental norms. 

The company’s latest product in the Egyptian market, namely the fireplace by Planika, has been highlighted showing its adherence to the highest standards of safety and quality and its distinctive designs that combine authenticity and modern technology. Mrs. Katarzyna Maciejak, Marketing Manager, has presented the most important features of the product and has also answered all the attendees’ questions and inquiries.


The meeting was concluded by distributing gifts to number of TAQA Misr business partners that had a significant role in deploying TAQA Misr solutions to their customers.

A video showing a brief of the meeting.

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